Moonface Dreamer

  • Moonface Dreamer
  • Moonface Dreamer

The Moonface Series is inspired by the serene face that I see shining on the surface of our luminous full moon. From ancient times people have understood the cycles of the moon and how they affect life on earth, the ocean's tides, our physical bodies. I imagine the earth inhales and exhales in tandem with the lunar cycles.

Moonface Dreamer is carved from found aspen and reclaimed wood. The head has a pattern of hammered nails hammered in around the top. On the top of the head is a crown made from reclaimed wood, a found carved twig and tiny carved leaves. The sculpture is painted with iridescent acrylic and metal leaf and finished with wax. It sits on a small steel stand.

22.5"h x 5"w x 5"d