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  • 🔴SOLD-Tranquil Angel

Tranquil Angel is inspired by the carved wooden angels that reside in an old church in the artist’s city. An original Spanish mission, the church is nicknamed the White Dove of the Desert. In the church, there are frescoes of angels painted on the ceilings. Carved angels and saints are suspended from the walls. It is a place of mystery and sanctuary.

The angel is carved from found aspen branches collected in the mountains. The wings are made from antique ceiling tin. There is an antique watch face nailed in the center of the body and a Mexican milagro nailed in the heart. The delicate leaf pattern on the body is painted with acrylic. The angel is crowned with carved leaves and flowers. Dangling from the hands is a vial of freshwater pearls, an eye milagro an antique key and keyhole. The piece is coated with wax to protect it.

19” x 19” x 2